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Expand your brain with a fast, cluttered-free knowledge organisation toolset!

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Meet wreeto!

A simple workspace to help you focus

Take Notes

Write everything down in markdown format and quickly search to find data. Live preview and fullscreen distraction-free user friendly editor included!

Create your own categories

Organise information in folders and subfolders. Re-organise as you wish for fast retrieval.

Easy, secure public sharing

Just press a button and a random impossible-to-guess link will be generated for you to share to the public. Revert to private access easily, anytime.

A digital mind - Your personal Wiki

Capture your thoughts, ideas and view them organised in Wiki View. A lot more on the product's roadmap..

Use cases

College Studying

Organise your countless notes by semester, lesson or subject. Share between students.


Create code snippets, organise by language. Write up complete walkthroughs and present to your team.


Keep complex information safe. Setup folders for different subjects. Create public instruction guides.


Write down posts, setup formatting and organise by post category. Let someone take a look before your post goes public.


Security assessments can be very hard to organise. Quickly store your findings and process them later.


Research knowledge management can be an on-going battle. A simple but expanding tree-view organisation practise will make it all easy.


Create side projects, keep your work safe until you restore progress. Activate or deactivate projects.

Your case

Customize to your needs, wherever is real estate or organising your chemistry lab. It's your decision to make!


Open Source
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Public Sharing
$499annual license
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Public Sharing
  • Priority Support
  • More...