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wreeto is a cluttered-free knowledge management toolset that effectively organizes your brain

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Hello wreeto !

> Why you will enjoy using wreeto as your knowledge management system?

Simple, minimal UI for your documents

Write everything down in markdown format and quickly search to find information. Use live preview and fullscreen support for a focused, distraction-free and easy to use writing experience.

Build the structure that works for you

Whenever it is about learning design patterns or keeping a piece of code that took you a lot of effort to create, you can organise in folders, subfolders and use unlimited tags. Re-organise as you wish for fast data retrieval.

Boost your productivity

Write documentation for your projects, then let your colleagues take a look before publishing to the official README. Public sharing - as well as revoking access - is as easy as a press of a button.

A private digital garden

Enjoy the digital gardening movement by organizing your thoughts, ideas, code snippets or how-to's in your smart, private Wiki View.



Enjoy full flexibility by the most popular text format with code syntax highlighting support


Organise information in unlimited folders and subfolders. Experiment with different organization structures and build your personal workflow


Easy tag management makes you build structure and connect between notes


Make progress in work or side projects with a unique, smart Projects view


Enjoy full-text, quick search for all of your notes

Public sharing

At the press of a button, a secure link will be generated for you to share to your colleagues, friends or the world. Revert to private access easily, anytime


A modern, revamped tree view will make scrolling through information fast and inspire you to create more

Data export

Your knowledge, work and ideas belong to you. Export them in markdown format in a compressed file anytime!


Open source
  • Notes
  • Categories, Tags
  • Projects
  • Digital Gardens
  • Wiki
  • Data Export
  • Backlinks (v3)
  • Graph view (v3)
  • Attachments (v3)
  • Integrations (v3+)
  • Encryption (v3+)
Community Edition plus:
  • noteAI Neural Search
  • Content enhancement (third parties)
  • Plugin Marketplace
  • Email Support
  • More to be added